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10 ways to make your medical billing process more efficient

The United States of America has one of the most costly healthcare systems in the world. A rough estimate is that approximately $12,500 is spent by an American citizen on healthcare only in a year.

These high costs determine that people related to the healthcare sector are all well paid and the professionals which are associated with different medical practices earn handsomely.

This is the case when we think about medical credentialing services. The credentialing and billing services have become one of the most important parts of the healthcare system as a lot of medical organizations tend to rely on the medical billing and credentialing services. Why have these services become so essential for medical practices, let’s find out?

Medical billing and credentialing services:

There is no doubt that medical billing is a very complex process which comes with a lot of variation and it is a job which can be done by a professional only. If mistakes occur in medical billing then the end result can cost the medical practice heavily, therefore the medical billing procedure needs to be perfect and without errors and this is exactly where the medical billing and credentialing services come in the picture.

Let’s have a look at how the medical billing process can be more efficient and effective to maximize profitability!

  • Clear and transparent collection procedure:

To make the medical billing process efficient and effective, it is very important to make it transparent and clear, especially the collection process. In simple terms it means that the unpaid claims should be immediately made and the payment should be collected so that there is no hindrance or error in the billing process.

  • Day-to-day update:

Another way of making the medical billing process efficient is to make the claims on a daily basis. The day-to-day updates about the financial cycle, the coding and the medical services will make the final billing flawless and clear. This will also help in omitting the chances of any kind og backlog that can lead to delay or error in the final bill accumulation.

The daily update also enables the medical practice to have a clear idea regarding the cash flow of the medical services being provided on a daily basis. It will also avoid any kind of delay that might arise at the time of reimbursements.

Another great help of daily updates is that it helps in predicting a genuine budget for the future and makes the forecast easy for the medical practitioner.

  • Streamline all the claims:

Another important aspect of the medical billing process is the submission of claims. It is very helpful to streamline all the pending claims so that none of them is missed out and any kind of disruption can be avoided.

First of all, make sure that you submit all the claims and none of the information is missed out that will ensure that there will be no errors while submitting them.

The best solution of streamlining the claims is to get a medical billing and credentialing service, who know their job well and know how to make a complete claim in the right way.

  • Post remittances immediately:

Like updating the services it is important to update the remittances immediately also in order to ensure that nothing is missed out and that the accounts are clear and transparent.

You might be tempted to post once remittances have been received but this will only delay the records and might cause a backlog to the work.

  • Outsource:

To increase the efficiency of the medical billing process, it is advisable to outsource a few functions to get an expert to do them.

For instance, one might consider getting the coding done by an outsource medical billing service provider as it is a time consuming work and outsourcing it will let you have an expert do the job while you save money and time both.

Before outsourcing the functions, it is important to check the credibility of the service provider so that you know that you are giving your tasks in the right hands.

  • Vigilance:

It is very important to be extra vigilant when checking the errors related to coding and other medical services. This can be a true headache. It is important that the codes are easy to be deciphered and understood by the coder.

If you dont code properly, the error goes all the way down to final audit which will be full of errors causing a delay and lack of efficiency.

Opt for professionals to avoid errors of undercoding and upcoding.

  • Updated patients’ files:

Another way of increasing the efficiency is to keep the patient’s file updated regularly. This will ensure that all the procedures updated in the files are well maintained and error-free. Do not forget to add correct information about the names, contact details and addresses.

  • Optimum quality deliverance:

It is important to maintain and deliver optimum quality of the medical billing process. Every part and minutest detail of the billing process should be up to the mark. If there has been any error it should be rectified promptly.

Always conduct audits periodically for quality assurance.

  • Automated billing:

By automating the medical billing process it is easy to identify errors and post remits, submission of claims and even tracking the records of the patients so that future appointments are made quickly and easily.

  • Don’t sideline any pending work:

Never sideline any kind of work or claim related to the medical billing process as it will only cause hindrance in the work completion.

It is important to rectify the issue immediately so that in future it can be avoided as a bigger error.


With the help of these 10 points, any medical practice can attain efficiency and efficacy in their medical billing and credentialing process. These strategies help in keeping the process conducting business properly and smoothly.

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