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4 Top Benefits of Telehealth for Patients

Telemedicine is becoming a standard in many healthcare practices since the pandemic. It involves providing care through audiovisual technology. Upper Echelon Medical is a primary care practice offering telehealth Fullerton, CA. Read on to discover the four benefits of using telemedicine.

1.Telehealth ensures timely care

Sixty-one percent of patients in a survey reported waiting up to two hours to receive care. Additionally, the respondents spent less than five minutes with the doctor. To address the issue of long wait times, it is important to acknowledge that the high ratio of patients is the leading reason. In order to improve this situation, one potential solution is to find out digital marketing services for doctors, which can help promote your clinic and attract more patients.

In an increasingly fast-moving world, telehealth is the answer for patients without the time to wait to see a doctor. You can set up a virtual connection with your doctor. Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to offer unlimited appointments for unique medical cases.


Long wait times can impact the patient’s experience and perceptions of instructions. Telehealth offers a convenient option that boosts patient satisfaction.

Telemedicine has been a convenient option for many patients in rural settings. The remoteness of their homes makes it more challenging to access a doctor. Longer wait times only compound the problem and can discourage patients from fulfilling in-person appointments.

2.Convenient for patients with mobility issues

According to statistics, 11% of Americans have mobility problems due to disabilities or complications from age-related conditions. The data also shows a considerable number within the group faces challenges doing errands alone.

Telehealth utilizes communication technologies to make access to healthcare convenient for patients. People with mobility issues do not have to move out of their rooms. A laptop and a reliable internet connection are all patients need to talk to their doctor.

Many seniors over 65 say they want to age in place. One reason they prefer that option is independence which is often absent in traditional nursing homes.

But seniors tend to have mobility issues and are susceptible to falls. Visiting the clinic could be an additional challenge for exhausted caregivers and family members. Telehealth ensures seniors receive the care they need from the comfort of their homes.

3.Applies multiple technologies for quality care

Telemedicine also utilizes different technologies such as mobile, text, audio, and video calls. You can log in to an online portal to check the results of your tests. The platform allows patients to share healthcare information with their providers.

Healthcare providers can also use telehealth technologies for collaboration. Specialists can share test results in real time across different geographical areas. The collaborative process improves the experience and quality of care patients receive.

4.Reduce healthcare costs

Socioeconomic factors can also make it harder for patients to see a doctor. Research shows 29% of adults in the United States are concerned about out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Additionally, most low-income neighborhoods are underserved and lack healthcare facilities.

Telehealth reduces the cost for the patient and the healthcare practice. The technology can connect multiple facilities to ensure access for people in remote areas.

With telemedicine, patients do not have to worry about transport expenses or taking time off work. Low-income individuals can receive world-class care at minimal costs, whether it is minor skin procedures or an annual exam.

To experience the benefits of telehealth, call Upper Echelon Medical or schedule an appointment online today.

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