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5 Essential Tips That Can Help You Prevent Sports Injuries

When discussing a healthy lifestyle, you cannot omit physical activities. Notably, physical exercises help to achieve a healthy weight range, thus reducing the risk of health complications such as heart disease. In addition, sporting activities stimulate the production of feel-good hormones in your body, which helps to ease depressive thoughts. However, you are more likely to experience sports injuries such as ankle sprains while in the field. These injuries can lower your performance in your favorite sport due to reduced mobility. Fortunately, Dr. Nathan Hansen Mill Creek recommends the following tips to help you prevent sports injuries.


Many players usually bolt into the playground and start sporting activities without knowing the huge risk involved. Engaging in physical activities without light exercises usually causes sudden strain to your joints and muscles, resulting in injuries. Start your physical activities with mild exercises such as light jogs to loosen up your joints for an upcoming event.

Understand the Guidelines of the Game

Imagine a busy street where there are no traffic lights. How would the drivers keep order among themselves while driving? In that case, the cars would cause accidents all over the street until necessary guidelines are introduced that every driver should observe. Similarly, sports players’ risk of injuries is reduced whenever every player understands and heeds the set rules. Each sporting activity has unique guidelines. For instance, in football, you should never steal a ball while behind your opponent.

Listen to Your Body

Your love for certain sporting activities can tempt you to resume the game even when you are injured, which is a bad idea. Notably, Playing while hurt will only worsen your injury, which can hinder you from participating in that game for a long time. Therefore, whenever you encounter an injury in the field, you should disclose it to your coach to organize your trip to your care provider.

Wear the Protective Equipment

When engaging in sporting activities, it is good to use the safety gears, which reduces the susceptibility of getting hurt. Notably, different sports have different protective gear. For instance, if you participate in soccer, you should wear ankle guards or tapes to protect your ankle from injuries. Helmets can also help you protect your head if you participate in activities such as biking. Ask your coach about the correct size of these protective gear to avoid discomfort while playing.

Drink Plenty of water

The spongy structures in your joints have fluid whose high proportion is water. Usually, these structures’ fluidity helps reduce wear and tear within the joints, thus preventing cartilage injuries. Bearing that your body loses much water during sporting activities through sweating, you should always have breaks for sipping water. Aim for at least two to three liters of water daily for optimal hydration for your body.

Physical activities play a crucial role in maintaining your overall health. While it is fun to engage in these activities, you are exposed to sports injuries which can reduce your mobility, thus upsetting your performance. Therefore, when out there in the field, embracing the above measures is necessary to reduce the chances of those injuries. However, despite your efforts, you should consider relevant medical intervention if an injury occurs.

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