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5 Things You Should Do for Fast Tattoo Removal Recovery

Tattoos are a unique body art to express yourself. However, you may change your mind after some time for various reasons. Don’t let the ink affect your new version because of emotional, physical, professional, or tattoo quality concerns. After the surgeons take their part in the surgery room, the recovery experience is up to you. Below are five things to do to help you speed up your recovery after tattoo removal.

1. Hire a Professional Surgeon

The surgeon’s professionalism and experience are vital to your surgery safety and recovery. Hiring a super-specialist, however, may be overwhelming for first-timers. Therefore, take your time when weighing which plastic surgeon fits your needs. From surgery and appointments to full recovery, revolutionary surgeons like Joel Aronowitz and his staff provide their patients with superior surgical services and aftercare.

2. Prepare Your Body

There are safe and natural ways to prepare your immune system and body for the best outcomes. Here, it’ll help if you learn different ways to quit smoking and increase your water intake. Also, you must eat immune-boosting foods and reduce alcohol intake to recover faster after tattoo removal. If quitting isn’t your best option, exploring substitute nicotine options is advisable. After the surgery, keep your body active to increase blood flow and improve the overall aftercare results.

3. Avoid Swimming or Soaking in Water

A light shower after tattoo removal is good for keeping your skin healthy and clean. However, soaking the affected area in bathtubs and public swimming pools will expose you to infections, slowing your healing process. If you expose your skin in any of the places mentioned above, rinse the area with clean water,  apply the prescribed ointment, and cover it up.

4. Keep Up With Your Surgeon’s Appointments

Once you’ve opted for tattoo removal, you probably want the recovery to take the shortest time possible. However, healing is gradual, so you must schedule doctor’s appointments for regular assessments. Remember that the number of appointments may vary from one patient to another depending on other factors. With this, consult your surgeon to plan your next doctor’s visit.

5. Prepare for Surgery-Related Side Effects

Tattoo removal may bring some severe side effects after the surgery. Although people respond differently, you must prepare for the best and worse results if one comes your way. For instance, buying prescribed pain relievers is essential to deal with discomfort and distracting pain after the procedure. However, be cautious when purchasing over-the-counter drugs that act as blood thinners because they increase bleeding risk and affect bruising in the affected area.

Furthermore, while you prepare for your healing, you must shop for some items for a speedy recovery. These may include vitamin E oil for scar treatment, sunscreen, bandages covering the wound, ice packs, and cosmetic creams.

Tattoos can be reminders of memories and impulsive decisions you may want to leave behind. Their removal and recovery should not be stressful and painful experiences. However, it should be an easy journey to pursue. The above are the insightful things you must follow for speedy recovery after the tattoo removal procedure.

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