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6 Effective Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom 

With the growth in technology, from daily life activities to the big professional sectors have all become advanced, and digital. Leaving behind the conventional methods of working, modern technical ways are increasing day by day. It offers greater flexibility, efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness to the people. 

Similarly for better teaching and learning, using technology in the classroom is very important. All teachers aim to provide students with quality education and ensure higher learning outcomes. The technical learning tools provide students with a better understanding of concepts, better access to knowledge, and include engaging elements. Let us discuss some effective ways to use technology in education. 

6 ways to use technology in the classroom 

1. To add digital content

Today’s kids lose interest and get bored very easily if the teachers’ teaching patterns are monotonous. Also, teachers reading out the textbook material and students simply sitting as mere listeners make students less attentive too. To overcome all these problems, technology can be used in the classroom. For how to sell online courses effectively, educators make digital content for the learners, and the same should be used in all educational modes. 

Audio visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, and infographics are some examples of digital study content. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. Collaboration, communication, and academic understanding all are enhanced. 

2. For personalization

All students are different from each other and have varied learning speeds and types. Some can understand the concepts from the textbooks while some are not. However, by using technology in the classroom, teachers can give personalized content as per students’ needs and preferences. Different types of audio and visual videos can be made, simple, medium, and including high-level content. Students can watch these videos as many times as they want, that too from any time and anywhere. 

3. For organizing live sessions

Another way to use technology in education is to conduct live classes. In conventional teaching methods, students have to travel from far places and face time constraints. However, with the help of technology, this problem can be solved. By being at any place and at any time, teachers and students can connect virtually.

 Just by using a network device and internet connection, online live classes can be conducted. In conventional classes too, if after the class your students face any doubts and queries, you can conduct a live class in the evening or at any convenient time. Or if you want any expert teacher, and speaker to acknowledge your students, a live session can be conducted with them for better educational growth and development. 

4. To conduct assessments

Writing lengthy questions and answers becomes quite hectic as well as boring for students. The pen and paper mode of assessments is hardly enjoyed by students nowadays. Also, checking the big bundles of answer sheets becomes time-consuming, and exhausting for teachers too. Replacing the traditional assessment methods with modern ones is a great idea. Now teachers can take assessments in unique ways. For example multiple choice question worksheets, online quizzes with autoscoring features, Google forms, making a video presentation, etc. 

5. To seek feedback

For quality teaching and to serve students the best, seeking feedback is very important. In front of the whole class or sharing feedback, one on one with the teachers can be difficult for students. They might feel afraid, less confident, and lack comfort from this. To overcome this problem, seeking feedback via using technology is quite effective. Digital surveys and polls can be conducted. Here nobody’s name is disclosed to anyone else and therefore students can share their opinions, thoughts, and reviews freely. You can make google forms too. Include all the necessary questions like how effective students are finding the current teaching practices, and what more they expect for improvement and growth. 

6. Game-based learning

Another way to use technology in education is game-based learning. 

Whether an online courses platform or conventional classroom game-based learning is very effective for generating better learning outcomes. Including game features and ideas in learning boost students’ interest and class performance to a great extent. Quizzes, online puzzles, and riddles help students to understand a concept better, and their critical and logical thinking is also improved. It ensures active learning practices in a class. 


For effective teaching and learning, using technology in the classroom is very helpful. The usage of technology in the classroom makes the teachers more effective and boosts communication, collaboration, and class engagement respectively. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out the different ways by which technology can be used for a better exchange of knowledge in the classroom. 

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