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Anavar – Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Numerous anabolic androgenic steroids are available on the market. Most of them are used for different purposes like medical treatment and as performance-enhancing drugs. People have to select the right AAS based on their individual goals, whether it is for bulking or cutting. When your goal is to add lean muscle mass, you have to use the perfect cutting agent that can help you to grow lean muscle mass. 

Here we will discuss the most popular and effective steroid – Anavar. Anavar for muscle mass is not a perfect bulking agent because it has weaker anabolic effects than other anabolic steroids. Anavar is an ideal cutting agent for those who need lean muscle mass growth with higher strength. Before falling into deep information, let’s quickly understand a simple overview of the Anavar steroid.

  • Overview Of Anavar Steroid

Anavar is a most popular anabolic androgenic steroid that is also known as Oxandrolone or Var. Anavar steroid has three major effects on the body like:

  • Reduce SHBG
  • Boost nitrogen retention
  • Excellent strength and energy
  • Inhibit Glucocorticoid hormone

Moreover, Anavar is an effective medication to treat different medical conditions like osteoporosis, anemia, breast cancer, etc. Anavar can reduce body fats and build protein synthesis, which can grow lean muscle mass tissue and preserve muscle mass growth during cutting cycles. 

The main purpose of Anavar steroids is for weight loss. It has potent androgenic properties that boost the metabolism process and promote quick fat loss. It has an excellent ability to improve bone density and strength. You can buy Anavar from different top websites. 

  • What Is The Effect Of Anavar Steroid On Muscle Mass?

Anavar has been popular for the past decades among athletes and bodybuilders because it can help them burn body fats and build lean muscle mass growth and higher strength gain. Initially, this drug was used for muscle-wasting syndrome due to HIV or AIDs. 

Anavar is an effective steroid consumed by both women and men athletes to improve their body composition. Anavar is available in oral form, so Anavar pills are liver toxic. However, it is not highly hepatotoxic like Dianabol, but still, users need to consume it with liver protection (Samarin or SamaGen). 

Anavar steroid does not help gain bigger muscle mass like other bulking agents because it has weaker anabolic effects. Instead, Anavar has powerful androgenic effects that are responsible for lean muscle mass growth, especially when you’re on a low-calorie diet. 

During a low-calorie diet or cutting cycle, Anavar helps you to add lean muscle mass and also preserve your hard-earned muscle mass gain that you have achieved from the previous cycles. Anavar steroid is mild in nature, so both men and female athletes can use Anavar to gain a lean and hard physique. A correct Anavar cycle will give you several positive effects on the body. 

  • Anavar For Lean Muscle Mass

Anavar for lean muscle mass growth is widely popular in the gym or fitness world. It is not a bulking steroid compound, so it can not help you to gain massive muscle mass growth. Anavar can be responsible for lean muscle mass growth with its powerful androgenic properties. Anavar is the perfect choice for novice users and for those who need a lean physique. 

Moreover, Anavar is not an aromatase steroid, so it won’t cause any estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia, water retention, and bloating. So, users can gain actual muscle mass growth without any water weight. That’s why it is a highly favored anabolic steroid among bodybuilders and especially for female athletes. Generally, women don’t need bigger muscle mass; they only need a lean and hard physique, so Anavar for women is very popular in the sports world. 

Anavar can help you to gain 3 to 4 kg muscle mass with its correct cycle. When you combine Anavar with two or more anabolic androgenic steroids, you can achieve better results. Anavar gives you impressive results by adding lean muscle mass tissue without any water retention. Regular exercise and a proper diet plan also play a vital role in getting significant benefits from Anavar. 

  • What Can I Expect From The Anavar Cycle?

A good Anavar cycle helps users to get different positive effects like:

(i) Better Pumping

Anavar pills are not painful or give any soreness like other oral steroids. So, Anavar causes significant pumping effects during your gym workout and allows you to do a more intense workout for a longer time. 

(ii) Lean Muscle Mass Growth

Anavar cycle helps users to add lean muscle mass without any water or fluid retention. Users can not face any bloating side effects during the Anavar cycle. Anavar steroid can add 3 to 4 kg muscle mass during a 12-week Anavar cycle with a regular gym workout and proper diet. This is the actual gain without any water retention. It can also prevent your muscle mass gain from previous cycles. 

(iii) Excellent Strength Gain

Anavar steroids have a great ability to boost users’ strength, energy, and power. It can also boost nitrogen retention in the body, so it provides quick relief from various muscle injuries. It is also an effective drug for joint and muscle tissue problems. It can heal faster, and users can experience the positive effects within the first three or four weeks of the Var cycle. 

(iv) Quick Weight Loss

Anavar is not an effective fat burner compound, but it is an effective steroid to preserve muscle mass during your cutting cycles. Anavar has an excellent ability to improve muscle dryness and vascularity of users. It can help users to lose their excess body fats by improving metabolism, and it can help you to shed excess body fats and help you to gain a ripped and hard physique. 

  • Is Anavar a Well-Tolerable Steroid Compound?

Yes, Anavar is a well-tolerated steroid compound. It is one of the approved drugs by the Food and Drug Administration (https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda_docs/label/2006/076897lbl.pdf). Moreover, it has low anabolic and androgenic effects, so it is one of the safest and milder anabolic androgenic steroids. 

Anavar is not advisable for those people who have any liver or kidney problems because it is a hepatotoxic steroid, and it can be more harmful to them. So, they should avoid Anavar. In addition, People with a severe medical history and under the age of 20 should avoid using Anavar. 

  • How To Use Anavar Steroid?

Anavar steroid is available in oral form. So, users can consume Anavar pills (tablets or capsules) by mouth along with water. It has an active half-life of around 8 to 10 hours. So, usually, the Anavar dose is taken every day. 

The typical Anavar dose for male athletes is between 20 mg to 100 mg per day, and for female athletes, the Anavar dose range is between 5 mg to 20 mg per day. People can also split the Anavar dose into two parts: morning and evening. 

  • Conclusion

Anavar is the perfect choice for beginner and female athletes because it is one of the safest and most effective anabolic steroids for gaining a lean and hard physique. It is mild in nature, so both men and women can use it without worrying about any severe side effects. 

Don’t forget to consume them properly with the recommended dose because long-term use and a high dose of Anavar cause several health issues, even with mild anabolic and androgenic effects. The main advantage of using Anavar is that it is not an aromatase steroid, so users can gain actual muscle mass growth without bloating or water weight. 

If you have decided to use an effective Anavar steroid, kindly take free Anavar cycle advice from our professional bodybuilder experts (https://anavar-steroids.com/free-anavar-cycle/). Their perfect cycle advice will help you to achieve maximum effects with few side effects. 

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