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Avoid Ultra Processed Foods

Many of us know what ultra-processed foods are, but we may not be aware of what they are and how they affect our health. These are everyday food items such as sweets, baked goods, and savoury snacks. They may be tasty, but they are processed and have additives that are highly harmful to your health. Even drinks such as Diet Coke can be highly processed, but they are still wholesome if consumed in moderation.

Frozen items, such as pizza and french fries, should be highly processed

While it is not possible to avoid all ultra-processed foods, there are some foods that you can find in the frozen aisles. Frozen items, such as pizza and French fries, are very processed. They tend to have higher sugar, sodium, and fat than other types of foods. You can also find less-processed vegetables in the freezer aisle. TV dinners, pizza, and desserts can also be ultra-processed. Luckily, you can build a nutritious meal from the remaining unprocessed foods in your fridge.


Another way to identify ultra-processed foods is to look at the ingredients list. This is the first thing you should check when making your grocery list. It is a good idea to look at the ingredient list and the nutrition facts of packaged items, since these are your guide in making the right choices. You can also prepare foods at home instead of buying them. You will be more likely to eat better, if you don’t eat highly-processed foods.

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