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Canine Detector For COVID Isolation

A Canine Detector For COVID Isolation is a smart and cute gadget that alerts the owner of a dog when it’s in the vicinity. The COVID pandemic has changed the social landscape. It’s now considered a faux pas to approach a stranger’s dog. To avoid this embarrassing situation, YouTuber Ryder Calm Down has developed an artificial intelligence dog detector. Whenever a canine walks by, the machine’s megaphone sounds and says, “I like your dog!” The aim is to prevent people from violating the canine’s space.

How the virus spread is still not fully understood

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with strangers and dogs. While it’s still not fully understood how the virus spreads, the new reality is that dogs cannot pass it on to humans. The Canine Detector helps YouTuber Ryder Calm Down cope with the COVID-19 isolation by shouting out “I like your dog!” when it spots one.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people change the way they interact with dogs and strangers. It has made breaking people’s personal space an unspoken faux pas. To overcome this, Ryder Calm Down created a device that recognizes dogs and yells, “I like your dog!” When it finds one, it calls it a day!

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