Crucial Things to Do Before Laser Hair Removal

Glowing hair will disclose a lot to the people around you. For example, it shows the degree of your responsibility in keeping it healthy. Further, radiant hair will boost your confidence, especially in front of loved ones. However, when you have hormonal imbalances, you will likely grow hair in unwanted body parts. With stubborn hair, you will want to keep shaving to improve your skin texture. This exercise is time-consuming and costly since your hair will keep growing. Fortunately, laser hair removal from a plastic surgeon Fort Worth can help you remove stubborn hair permanently. Here are the important things you should do before a laser hair removal appointment for the best results.

Stop Plucking

Sometimes it can be tempting to pull stubborn hair. However, plucking hair can remove the roots making it difficult for the laser device to focus on the hair follicle. Therefore, you should avoid hair removal techniques that involve plucking for at least six months before a laser appointment. The idea here is to ensure that the roots of your hair are intact as you anticipate hair removal treatment.

Limit Excessive Sun Exposure

When expecting your laser appointment, sunlight should not be your ally. Notably, harmful UV rays can cause sunburns increasing skin sensitivity to the laser beam. Besides, extreme sun exposure can trigger skin discoloration after laser treatment. Stay indoors for at least two weeks before laser hair removal to minimize these concerns. Also, if you use self-tanners, you should skip these exercise weeks to your appointment.

Review Your Medications

Certain medications can interfere with the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Other drugs can increase skin sensitivity, thus causing discomfort during the laser procedure. Therefore, you should disclose all medications and supplements to your laser expert. Your specialist may recommend suspending some medications like antibiotics for the best experience. They will recommend other medications with minimal side effects to continue suppressing your underlying condition.

Remove Makeups

Do you know that some beauty product constituents can intervene with the success of laser hair removal? Topical agents like ointments can reduce the capacity of the laser beam to focus on the hair root. If you use these products before the laser appointment, you should cleanse your skin, especially the target part. You can use the makeup remover and rinse the skin area with clean water afterward.

Suspend Bleach

You have likely seen individuals dye their hair. Bleaching your hair gives you a hair color of your choice. Sometimes the bleaching agents can get deeper into the hair root altering the pigments. Consequently, it becomes more difficult to target this hair, reducing the laser device’s capacity to alleviate hair permanently. Therefore, you should stop bleaching for at least six weeks before the laser appointment for your hair to reclaim its natural color. 

Do you have hair in unwanted skin parts? If yes, you can attest that stubborn hair can hinder an individual’s skin texture. The good thing is that laser hair removal can help permanently alleviate hair from unwanted skin parts. Like any other procedure, knowing what to do before a laser appointment will help you get optimal results. For example, avoiding excessive sun exposure is necessary to prevent discomfort during laser hair removal. Revealing your medication to a laser technician is vital to suspending drugs with potential side effects.