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Does cavitation treatment affect fetal hearing?

The cavitation treatment is most popular non-Invasive fat burning treatment, which can effectively reduce fat and promote weight loss. Such as 30khz cavitation machine and lipo cavitation machine are often used to spa center. But if it is used by pregnant women, will it affect the hearing of the fetus? In this article, you will get the answer.

Does cavitation treatment affect fetal hearing?

Exposure to strong noise will not only endanger the health of pregnant women, but also have many adverse effects on the fetus. Studies have shown that the IQ level of children born to mothers exposed to strong noise (above 95 decibels) during pregnancy is lower than that of children who were not exposed to bollyfuntvnet noise under the same conditions. The reason for this is likely to be that the continuous noise causes the uterus to contract frequently, which affects the blood supply to the fetus, which in turn affects the development of the fetal nervous system.

In addition, the impact of noise on the fetus is mainly reflected in the harm to the hearing system of the fetus. Studies have shown that exposure of pregnant women to strong noise (above 100 decibels) during pregnancy increases the possibility of hearing loss in babies, which may be because noise has an inhibitory effect on the developing auditory system of the fetus.

So how is the impact of noise transmitted to the fetus? Some people think that it is transmitted through the mother’s auditory system, thus encouraging mothers-to-be to use earplugs and other personal protective equipment to protect the fetus’ auditory system. actually not. In fact, the noise received by the fetus is transmitted through the abdominal wall of the mother. When the abdomen of a pregnant woman is exposed to strong noise, the fetus will also be exposed to strong noise. Although various tissues in the abdominal wall of the mother, such as the uterus, amniotic fluid and other tissues, can protect the fetus to a certain extent, the effect is limited, especially for low-frequency sounds, which have almost no weakening function. The auditory system is directly damaged by noise.

Cavitation treatment will affect fetal hearing, We do not recommend cavitation treatment for pregnant women.

How loud of noise can affect the fetus?

In the early stages of pregnancy, many mothers-to-be do not put down their work, so there will be some common problems, such as what to do if there is noise in the working environment? How much noise will affect the fetus? What about development?

The impact of noise on the fetus depends on the time and how loud of the noise. If the noise exceeds 80 decibels, it will have a great impact on the fetus. The noise may affect the hearing of the fetus. In severe cases, it may cause fetal deformities, so keep away from the noisy environment. And from the child’s point of view, the closer the sound source is to the abdomen, the greater the danger.

At 16-19 weeks of pregnancy, fetal baby’s amazingsavingsmarkets hearing begins to form. At this time, the baby can hear the sound of the mother’s heart beating, blood flow, and gastrointestinal peristalsis, as well as the mother’s gentle speaking and singing. These sounds are all around 30 decibels, just like whispering in the ear, and will not have adverse effects on the hearing of the fetus. By the 25th week of gestation, the hearing of the fetus is almost equal to that of an adult; by the 28th week, the fetus has a sufficient ability to respond to sound stimulation.

Some scientists have pointed out that the cochlea, which constitutes part of the inner ear of the fetus, begins to grow and develop from the 20th week of pregnancy, and its maturation process continues when the baby is more than 30 days old. Because the cochlea of the inner ear of the fetus is in the growing stage, it is extremely vulnerable to damage by low-frequency noise. Low-frequency sounds in the external environment can be transmitted to the uterus and affect the fetus. The inner ear of the fetus is stimulated by noise, which can damage some areas of the brain and seriously affect the development of intelligence

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