Dont Smoke Or Use Drugs and Only Drink in Moderation

The most effective way to stop smoking, using drugs, and drinking in moderation is to refrain from doing so altogether. Total abstinence is the safest and surest method of stopping these behaviors once and for all. It also minimizes the number of problems that you may experience, making it a better choice than trying to moderate or control addiction. Here are a few examples of ways to avoid these issues.

Talk to kids about drugs and alcohol and how harmful they are

First, talk to your children about drugs and alcohol and how harmful they are. If they are young, talk about the risks of using substances and the dangers of smoking. If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, you should encourage them to stop using it. If your child is underage, they should not use it. And, if they’re old enough, it’s best to avoid smoking altogether.


Second, let them know that these substances can cause harmful consequences. When you are young, discuss the risks of substance use with them. If they’re not careful, they could develop hepatitis B or human immunodeficiency virus. Third, they might have a higher chance of driving while “high,” increasing the risk of accidents and injury. These risks increase if they are already heavily intoxicated and do not use a condom.