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The Seattle Park District has established the Get Moving Fund to support the development of culturally relevant physical activities, events, and programs that increase community participation in PA. This initiative funds local nonprofits and community groups that develop innovative programs and initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles. The fund prioritizes programs that help people who live in neighborhoods that are disproportionately affected by food insecurity, physical inactivity, and obesity. The Get Moving Initiative will provide a financial boost to programs in those neighborhoods.

Children need to be encouraged to engage in physical activity

The web site Get Moving features a variety of health-related activities and demonstrations that encourage community members to engage in physical activity. The interactive and visually appealing website offers educational resources, fun family activities, and healthy food. While participants are encouraged to engage in physical activity, parents can benefit from tips and tricks on how to motivate their children. The goal of Get Moving Alabama is to make the state’s communities healthier by providing a way for families to stay active, get out of the house, and play.


The Get Moving Alabama web site is available in a variety of formats. For instance, if you have trouble printing or downloading the logo, you can ask for an alternative version. The Get Moving Web site can be used as an alternative to traditional marketing or advertising. The web site is designed to help families engage in physical activity and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Further research is necessary to better understand the mechanisms that promote physical activity among sedentary individuals.

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