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Gluta Collagen helps to whiten and brighten skin

which glutathione collagen powder It is a dietary supplement product that contains collagen and glutathione. can help nourish the skin to be beautiful, glowing skin looks better It also helps to reduce wrinkles, acne scars, redness and dark spots, it can help make them disappear gradually. Easy to buy, inexpensive, complete features.

Note : Skin care products and cleansing foam facelabs.co.th Produced from research by dermatologists. Therefore, our products are suitable for women of all skin types.

7. Glutathione and Collagen Powder

1. Pink Gluta Collagen

Pink Gluta Collagen is a dietary supplement product of glutathione collagen powder. It is high in vitamin E and vitamin C. Helps the skin to be smooth, soft, radiant, beautiful, healthy skin with aura, delicious taste, light sweetness, light fragrance, easy to drink. capsule and ready-to-drink bottle

2. Verena L-Gluta Berry Plus

Verena L-Gluta Berry Plus Collagen Powder has good solubility and is easy to drink Contains part of L-Glutathione (L-Glutathione), which is a group of antioxidants. Contains 3 types of amino acids, Glutamate, Cysteine, and Glycine, helping to inhibit melanin production in the skin. It makes the skin clear and helps reduce dullness. Verena L-Glutathione also contains vitamin C, pomegranate powder, inulin and coenzyme Q10. Helps make skin smooth Help reduce wrinkles.

3. Sappe Beauti Powder Collagen

Sappe Beauti Powder Collagen is a dietary supplement product of collagen powder from Sappe. Contains vitamin C and vitamin E which can help stimulate the skin to produce collagen Including the brand also added collagen as well. Strengthen the structure of the skin flexible white skin It can help reduce wrinkles and help reduce dark circles.

4. B shine Marine Collagen Peptide

100% pure collagen peptide from marine fish, premium grade imported from Japan. Collagen is a small molecule. can be absorbed into the body immediately Helps to strengthen the structure of the skin. Skin is smooth, soft, reduces wrinkles. Makes the skin look young and healthy.

5. Donut Collagen Peptide

Donut Collagen Peptide Collagen brand that girls I’m familiar with the name. This one contains collagen peptide L-cysteine. Acerola cherry extract, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 help in skin care. Helps to increase collagen to the skin, makes the skin bright, clear, reduces wrinkles. Deep wrinkles can be shallow.

6. C Up Tomato Collagen Mixberry Plus

C-Up Tomato Collagen Mixed Berry Plus Collagen with tomato extract, lycopene, as well as glutathione and collagen imported from Japan. It helps nourish the skin to be white, bright, firm and smooth. It also helps tighten pores and reduce wrinkles to look faded.

7. Blink Shake Shake Gluta Collagen

Brink Shake Gluta Collagen contains collagen mixed with vitamin C and vitamin E. Including glutathione added as well. Helps keep skin soft, healthy, white skin with aura This one has a sweet and sour taste, easy to drink, mixed with cold water. or fruit juice

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