Hair Health in Ayurveda

Greying hair is a natural phenomenon and an unavoidable aspect of ageing. However, if you are still in your 20s or early 30s and your hair begins to grey before its time, this might also be cause for concern. Premature greying can be caused by a genetic characteristic, serious pharmaceutical side effects, or inadequate nutrition. Sadly, many individuals believe that the only way to stop greying is to colour your hair. However, this is only a short-term solution, and you will need to keep dying your hair. Additionally, hair colours include harsh chemicals that, when used frequently, can damage your hair.

Ayurveda for Hair Greying and Hairfall

Hair loss is referred to in Ayurveda as “khalitya,” while early greying of the hair is referred to as “Palitya.” Khalitya and Palitya are both regarded as pure paittika (‘pitta’-based’) illnesses. It means that if you consistently upset your “pitta” (body heat), your hair may get grey. Therefore, according to Ayurveda, if you take items that increase pitta, your pitta will become aggravated and result in grey hair. From an ayurvedic perspective, healthy physical and mental wellbeing are related to optimal hair development. Ayurveda is a useful complementary treatment for early greying. It is all-natural and free of negative effects. Ayurveda is a useful complementary treatment for early greying. It is organic and free of adverse effects. Few Ayurvedic procedures to prevent these conditions include –

Takradhara – Takradhara is a procedure of pouring application of medicated buttermilk to the patient’s forehead. The patient is made to lie on his back after the preliminary application of oil to the body. A hole at the bottom of a dhara vessel, which is hanging 6 to 8 inches above the patient’s forehead, is used to continuously pour medicated buttermilk through. To prevent medicated buttermilk from entering the eyes and to direct its flow, a headband is placed around the forehead slightly above the eye brows.

Takradhara is a great treatment for disorders caused by the pitta dosha, such as psoriasis and persistent insomnia. It lessens the burning sensation in the soles and palms of the hands, and it eases headaches. It lowers stress and blood pressure, treats early hair ageing, and enhances vision.

Nasya – Nasya is used to cleanse the area above the neck and the head. The extra body humours that have built up in the head, nose, throat, or sinuses are removed. Nasya comes in three varieties –

  • Virechana Nasya: Strong medications are utilised to instantly remove the doshas from the head region.
  • Bhrumhana Nasya: This Nasyam therapy stimulates and nourishes the brain, senses, and mental faculties, preventing premature greying.
  • Shamana Nasya: This kind of Nasyam reduces a dosha’s growth without expelling it. It is balanced, not very powerful or light. This is beneficial in particular for issues including skin discoloration, hair loss, and early greying.

Ayurveda suggests everyone to use Anu taila nasal drops annually during the rainy, autumnal, and spring seasons. Along with a host of other advantages, it also stops hair loss and hastens hair growth.

Sitaram Anu tailam is curated using the authentic reference from the classical textbook Astangahridaya. Anu taila is renowned for how well it treats respiratory issues as well as head & neck illnesses. Nasya with Anu tailam can be practised consistently by even healthy persons because it has benefits that go far beyond treating disease.

Anu thailam benefits –  used to treat nasal congestion and sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, as a protective measure during episodes of seasonal flu, cough and cold, premature greying & dull hair, for improving vision and hearing. Daily use can help the brain by interfering with the neuronal as well as the neurotransmitter processes and so sharpening cognition and reflexes. Enhances the senses such as vision, hearing, olfaction, and gustation.