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How ROM Technologies Is Helping People Recover From Knee Surgery

Thanks to their patented suite of groundbreaking rehabilitation technologies, ROM Technologies (ROMTech) is credited to have revolutionized postoperative orthopedic care.

The high efficacy of ROMTech devices, designed using cutting-edge teletherapy technology, has led to considerable improvements in patient outcomes, relatively low cost of care, and in general, in a total overhaul in the manner, postoperative orthopedic care is thought, designed, and delivered.

How ROMTech PortableConnect Is Helping People Recover Faster from Knee Surgery

Before we go into how the ROMTech rehabilitation device PortableConnect is helping patients undergoing knee surgery (knee arthroscopy surgery) or a knee replacement surgery (knee arthroplasty/total knee replacement), here’s a brief overview of what exactly PortableConnect is and how it works.

The ROMTech PortableConnect

A PortableConnect is an in-home rehab device that facilitates faster recovery post knee surgery or a knee replacement procedure. The device is meant to be used in conjunction with, or as an adjunct of, a professional and customized physiotherapy routine.

The ergonomic design of the device is what makes for the ‘portability’ of PortableConnect. Standing at 38-42 inches tall with measurements of 20 inches wide and 40 inches long, the design of the machine ensures that it fits unobtrusively at any part or room in your home and can be transported easily if necessary.

An easy-to-see display screen (with touchscreen interface) is mounted on the device that performs various functions. Apart from displaying the therapeutic exercises the patient needs to perform, the screen will also collect data on the patient’s pain level, range of motion, and overall recovery progress.

This data will then be sent online to the patient’s physiotherapist, thus helping the latter monitor the patient’s day-to-day progress remotely. And based on the information received, the physiotherapist can make any necessary adjustments to the customized therapy protocol he has designed for the patient.

This means that, unlike in traditional therapy, physical therapy professionals won’t need to wait till the next therapy session to monitor progress and advise any changes in the therapy routine, if needed.

It also merits mentioning that, thanks to the most advanced adaptive teletherapy technology used to build the device, all this processing of data occurs automatically. This means that with PortableConnect, the patient recovering from surgery does not need any manual intervention to communicate the information to his physiotherapist.

Similarly, the adjustments advised by the therapist will be programmed into the machine directly, and the patients will get to see them on their Portable Connect interface the next time they use the device.

Apart from other things (which we will discuss shortly), the inclusion of telehealth technology and the benefits achieved function as the real game-changer concerning a patient’s recovery process. Setting the PortableConnect apart from a host of other standardized rehab equipment.

Does PortableConnect Help You Recover Faster After Knee Surgery?

It has been clinically proven that PortableConnect helps speed up recovery times after knee surgery. Pilot studies tell us that the device from ROM Technologies helps knee surgery patients achieve greater extension and a better range of motion compared to standard postoperative care/therapy.

On average, 50% of patients using PortableConnect regained their preoperative range of motion or better (average 112°) just two weeks after surgery. In contrast, only 13% of patients receiving standard post-op care recovered their range of motion in the same duration. The average range of motion achieved through standard care after two weeks was 99°.

In addition, the patients experience less pain, and recovery is achieved at a significantly lower cost while using ROMTech PortableConnect.

Apart from these statistics, anecdotal evidence related to many orthopedic surgeons and physical therapy professionals proves beyond doubt that PortableConnect helps knee surgery patients achieve faster recovery and gain an overall better rehab experience compared with the experience of standard post-op care.

The most substantial evidence comes from patients who have undergone both traditional care and the PortableConnect experience. For instance, a highly regarded senior orthopedic surgeon from Massachusetts relates the experience of one of his patients who had surgeries done on both her knees.

According to her, the post-op care she received through PortableConnect (for her second knee) felt like a different experience from the traditional care she had received after the surgery on her first knee. The patient claimed that at one point, she was 12 weeks ahead with PortableConnect care than where she was at that point with her other knee.

Reasons Behind PortableConnect’s Success

The most obvious reason behind this ROMTech device’s resounding success is what we have discussed before—its use of revolutionary telemed technology. With PortableConnect, a patient’s daily performance is monitored and sent remotely and directly to his physical therapist and/or orthopedic surgeon.

Subsequently, the latter can make the necessary adjustments to a patient’s daily rehab routine after assessing the performance data (improvement, setbacks, etc.). This facilitates day-to-day adjustments and a highly customized rehab and recovery routine since everything is performed by and within the device (without needing direct communication between the concerned parties).

As for patients, they enjoy the overall convenience of this whole multi-model approach. They can stay in their homes, follow the prescribed rehab protocol, and communicate with their care providers daily and digitally without unnecessary hassle.

Using PortableConnect, also requires fewer visits (thus bringing down the costs of the overall care) to the therapy care center, another significant relief for aged people undergoing major surgery.

The Mental Part of It

Finally, as the surgeon points out, a device like PortableConnect that enables patients to monitor their progress motivates them to work harder towards recovery. Once they achieve good results by using the device, that works as positive reinforcement.

The doctor contends that in conjunction with the above, the device also makes the patients feel that they are more active participants in the rehab process. It is not simply the physiotherapist advising them to perform a set of exercises at home.

Which is often viewed as a somewhat passive process by the patients. In contrast, the interactional nature of the ROM Technologies PortableConnect makes a patient feel that he is an active participant in the recovery routine.

And together, these two features encourage the patients to diligently follow and complete their rehab protocol. And according to many doctors, one of the best ways to reduce pain and gain faster recovery post a knee surgery operation is to complete one’s prescribed post-op rehab routine. PortableConnect helps a patient do just that.

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