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How to design a banner to promote your YouTube channel

The YouTube channel’s header is situated on high on the screen, which means it’s the first thing visitors first see. The original style of the banner along with an impressive description are sure to draw the attention of users and help to increase subscribership of the channel. In this article, you’ll discover how to design the header of a YouTube channel. If you’re in need of an attractive and contemporary logo, try this Turbologo online designer.

What is a banner?

The banner, also known as the “header”, is an essential design element for the YouTube channel. It is what a visitor will see when they visit your blog. On YouTube like other sites the site, they’re often greeted by clothes.

The cover may be used to boost brand recognition or to highlight the creator of a video blog. It can also get the attention of users to promotions and sweepstakes or to advertise other web-based resources and also tackle other commercial and marketing tasks. The image is therefore worth an extensive effort.

How do I create an advertisement for YouTube channel? YouTube channel?

The technical requirements for a banner in 2022.

The first thing to consider is the dimensions of an image which could be uploaded as an YouTube banner. Here are some limitations on YouTube:

  • The recommended image size is 2560×1440 pixels
  • Minimum size: 2048 x 1152 pixels;
  • Aspect ratio 16:9;
  • Maximum size: 6 MB;
  • Acceptable formats include: JPG, GIF (not animated), BMP, PNG.

It is essential to think about not just the dimensions of the image, but also the size of the space in which the main image and text will be displayed. YouTube displays the banner on smaller devices. If there are inscriptions that are near the edges that are visible in the photo, those won’t be visible on smartphones.

Important information should be put inside”the “safe area” in the center of the banner.

  • For large screens (TVs, computers) – 2560 x 423 pixels;
  • For tablets with 1800 x 423 pixels
  • For smartphones – 1546 x 423 pixels.

Make sure you focus on the smallest space “for smartphones”. If you are able to squeeze everything that is important within it and you are sure that your advertisement will display properly on all devices.

YouTube Channel Banner Ideas

YouTube channel banners are available in various varieties. Except for size limitations there aren’t any other rules that are regulated. There aren’t any guidelines on what information should be displayed within”header” or “header”. This means that you are able to be creative and design however you’d like.

A banner could be useful and informative. For instance, you can mark a timeframe for the release of new videos. It is also possible to create an appealing image that will catch the attention of the users. Both are excellent options.

If you’re still not sure about which one you’d like to have here are some ideas to get you started.


An effective method is to include a picture of the creator of the channel on the banner. This method is popular with numerous top vloggers as well as other famous personalities. If you are looking to boost up your brand’s image, maybe you should look into this type of banner. This means you can concentrate all your attention on you.


An easy alternative is to choose a simple cover that has a plain background, with no extras and a huge logo at the center. It’s often elegant – it’s not a surprise it is the case that Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Vogue channels are designed in this fashion.

Designing a cover like this isn’t hard, particularly in the case of your logo designed and the colors which match the design.

Thematic image

If minimalism isn’t for you, then select a theme-based image for the banner on YouTube. This is a great choice when it comes to travel blog sites, artists and craft channels. When you join an online channel, the viewers will quickly know what they can expect from videos on it.


If you have a large number of beautiful images, you could create an image collage to use as the banner. This type of banner is usually seen on book and movie review websites. For instance, a photo featuring characters from different films and TV shows suggests that the channel is talking extensively about cinema and gets absorbed in the subject as much as is feasible.


Another option for people who are creative is to use a cover that has been painted. A popular choice among graphic designers and artists who want to display their talent and attract others who share their interests.

Important release

Certain blogs make use of the banner of their channel as a platform for advertising free of charge. For instance, “Kinopoisk” and Netflix announce the premieres within the “header” of the YouTube channel.

YouTube stars also tend to employ this technique The “header” of the channel is a fantastic location to announce the release of a new track. The drawback of this method is that as the image will need to be updated frequently. You cannot download it and then forget about it for one or two years.

With the timetable

Certain bloggers will indicate in the “header” the schedule for the new videos to be released on their channel. If you are planning to stick to a strict timeframe it’s important to let your followers know. This could help increase your followers. The most important thing is to make sure that you keep your promises made in such a prominent location and to actually post the videos as per the timetable.

How to create the header of a channel Tips

We’ve covered the fundamentals of making the perfect YouTube banner. In the end, we’ll offer some tips for designing.

1. Use a single style per channel

Every marketer will tell you that it is vital and essential to keep the look and feel of the brand. If your channel is designed with the same manner as your blog, in time, users will start to connect particular colors as well as images your brand and will be able to remember your name more frequently – and this will have a positive impact on the development of your blog.

We suggest designing logos, banners and even video covers that are in the same fashion. Thus, you can increase the visibility of your channel and improve it by making it “combed” and attractive.

2. Make sure to use high-quality images

It might sound like a simple thing, but make sure images you submit to”header “header” on the channel is of high-quality. This does not just apply to the banner however, it also applies to the elements that you add on it. The image of the top channel should be professionaland bright and well-lit. Images and icons are sharp and bright.

3. Don’t over-saturate it with texts or information.

We suggest you pick only the most essential components that you need for your personal. Concentrate on your objectives. Do you wish to draw the attention of viewers to your photograph? If so, you might have to give up calls in order to sign up to the channel and then look into social media platforms. Are you required to announce an announcement schedule to announce new content? In this situation it’s best to not add any additional details.

If you notice that the picture is filled with clutter, you can replace your background image with a neutral background and then try different fonts for the text.

4. Check out for the design and color compatibility

To create images that are appealing to the eyes to make the picture pleasing to the eye, follow rules of thirds, or an symmetrical composition.

Try to pick colors that are pleasing to one another. For those who are new to color, they should use analog and complementary color schemes. These are win-win choices which are easy to use.

That’s all! We’ve shared everything we could about creating an attractive header for your channel. We hope that our suggestions will assist you in creating a unique design for the banner of your blog. Best of luck!

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