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How to look after yourself as you age

As the body starts to age, it gradually changes. These changes can often be felt and seen in areas such as the skin and muscles, but the speed of their gradual descent is different for everyone.

However, the feeling of wanting to perform certain tasks and not being physically able to is another matter. This could come on very gradually, and if the task you want to perform is a rare occurrence, it can be a shock to the system when you find that you actually cannot do it at all.

Take, for instance, sitting on a bean bag or a very low couch. You would think that this is relatively easy. You may have done this a thousand times before, but this time you may be falling the last couple of centimeters rather than controlling your action. However, now you are on the bean bag or low couch, are you able to get up in the same way that you once did, or are you having to roll out of it – or worse – wait for someone to come and save you from it?

Even if you are the type of person that springs into action, there will be a time in your future when you feel you need more of a catapult than the once self-collied spring, and this is when you will need to start looking after yourself.

Learn to listen to your body

You will need to take notice of your body. It will be quiet at first, and you do not want it to start shouting, as this is when the pain kicks in. If you find that you are tired during the day, perhaps it is time to have a quiet sit for a few minutes with a cup of coffee. If you catch yourself dozing while watching TV, it is likely your body is telling you to get some sleep even if it is just a catnap.

Take care when lifting

When it comes to lifting objects, take your time. Test the weight of the object first before grabbing and lifting it. Be sure to hold it close to your body to help your back cope with the added weight you are now carrying and try not to twist. If you need to turn, do so by moving your feet rather than your waist. Back pain and slipped discs are immensely painful, so you want to avoid experiencing this.

However, wear and tear on this important part of the body can take its toll. Although you may have been performing certain tasks for a long while, you may find that one day that is it. The only way you can get through it is with painkillers, cold compresses, and might even a trip to bioxcellerator.com for a long-term solution.

Enjoy some light exercise

Enjoying some light exercises can help keep the body subtle and responsive. This does not mean to say that you need to start jogging around the block. A far more sedate attitude would be to take a daily stroll or spend some regular time planting and looking after your garden.

Pamper yourself regularly

You should also take time to pamper yourself. Massages can help relieve stiffness and soreness of muscles which will aid movements. It also improves circulation, therefore, increasing blood flow to major organs around the body. This can help the skin appear more youthful, give a healthy glow and even make you feel a lot better and happier within yourself.

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