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I Tried Sheer Mineral Sunscreen for Face:

I was someone who had always stayed away from mineral sun protection for my face because I just didn’t like the white cast that it sometimes leaves behind. However, when I saw something called sheer mineral sunscreen for face – marketed as leaving no such residue behind – I had to try it. 

I had been considering using mineral sunscreen for my body anyway, as I knew that it was a better option for my acne, so I was keen to see what this ‘invisible’ product could do. 

Application Was Nice & Easy 

This was the very first time I had used mineral sunscreen, and I had heard that it was a bit of a nightmare to apply to the skin. However, I had watched a couple of YouTube videos that showed it wasn’t too tricky once you know what you’re doing, the process was quite easy. 

I applied my sheer mineral sunscreen for face using little dime-sized spots that I then rubbed in. Did it go on invisible? Absolutely, and it only took a few seconds too. 

I have to say that I was sceptical, to begin with, particularly as I could tell how thick it was when applying. However, sure enough, it did exactly what it said on the label! 

No Acne Breakouts Since Either! 

I’ve always had trouble with acne breakouts, which means that I’m always a bit hesitant to put anything new on my face. It was a bit hit and miss when using chemical brands, as some used to cause flare ups because of what was inside. 

However, since I started using my new sheer mineral sunscreen for face, I am happy to say that I’ve had no breakouts. I’ve had a spot here and a zit there, but nothing to compare to the crops that used to appear overnight after a day at the beach. 

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s changed my life, but it has made things much more comfortable for me, and I’m certainly more confident about showing my face.

It’s Good For Pool Days Too! 

Another great aspect of my new mineral sunscreen is that it’s water-resistant. As a keen swimmer, there’s nothing I like more than getting my blood pumping by doing a few laps and my new paraben-free, fragrance-free product gives me up to 80 minutes of protection. 

My old chemical brand used to wash off when I had a dip, which, while not the end of the world, got a bit annoying after a while. 

Sheer Mineral Sunscreen For Face Gets My Vote

All in all, I have been delighted with my new sunscreen. From someone who’s been looking for the right solution for some time, the fact that I finally have makes me very happy.

I can now protect myself from the sun while also not having to worry about what it’s going to do to my breakouts. What you keep in your bag is your business, but I think you know what I would recommend. 

Anyone like me who doesn’t want to make their acne worse, hates white cast and understands the importance of UV protection could do a lot worse than choose to do the same. 

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