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In-Depth Analysis of Insulin Levels in Bodybuilders

Insulin, a hormone found in the body, is used almost exclusively by bodybuilders to support anabolism, the process of building muscle tissue. This hormone helps the muscles to absorb nutrients quickly after a workout and has a longer duration than other types of insulin. It also acts slowly and is known as premixed insulin. A biphasic insulin, on the other hand, is used in medical settings and for precise blood sugar control.

It is important for athletes to avoid using insulin

The use of insulin is increasing among bodybuilders. A Harvard Medical School professor who specializes in substance abuse and addiction in bodybuilders says that about 10% of these athletes take the hormone in order to improve their results. While insulin may be safe for recreational bodybuilders, it can be very dangerous for athletes. Hence, it is important for athletes to avoid its usage. A supplemental insulin injection is not a wise idea, especially if the insulin levels are high.


Although insulin is a necessary hormone for the management of diabetes, some high-level bodybuilders use it off-label to increase their performance. This hormone transports key nutrients into cells, reduces muscle protein breakdown and is essential for muscle growth and performance. But, insulin isn’t a miracle drug, and it can cause serious complications. The main complication of injectable insulin is low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia. Hence, it is vital for athletes to understand the effects of this hormone and how to safely administer it.

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