Is Glaucoma Treatable? Learn The Available Treatments Here

Have you ever imagined waking up to a dark life? You try to view your surroundings but cannot see anything since your eyes have a problem. You sometimes wish you were born blind instead of having eyesight that eventually disappears after some time due to your condition. Glaucoma is a severe condition that may make you blind if not checked early enough. Eyes are delicate and require proper care, such as that at the new smyrna beach glaucoma treatment facility. You require a routine eye clinic, especially if your eyesight is diminishing or has an eye problem that makes your sight problematic. It would be good to diagnose the condition early instead of rushing when you are in the late stages of glaucoma. Ensure you have a proper eye checkup to help maintain healthy and sharp eyesight. Here are some treatment options available for glaucoma patients.

Use of Eyedrops

Eye drops are the most common form of treatment for any eye condition. When you have itchy or irritating eyes, your doctor will prescribe some eyedrops to help eliminate the problem. When you have early signs of glaucoma, the doctor will also give you some eyedrops to help treat the condition. Different types of eye drops may be prescribed based on the severity of the condition and other underlying issues in your eyes. However, all these eyedrops help relieve the pressure on your eyes caused by glaucoma. The doctor will give you the guidelines for applying the eyedrops and when to stop using them. All these will help monitor the condition’s progress to see if it requires additional treatment or has healed.

Laser Treatment

When you use eye drops for some time, and the eyes fail to improve, the doctor may recommend laser treatment as an option to help improve your symptoms. Laser treatment involves using a high-energy beam of light that helps stop fluid from building up inside your eyes. The doctor numbs your eyes using eye drops and ensures you are awake for the procedure to work effectively. The treatment is supplemented using eyedrops to make it effective. The doctor uses different laser treatments that perform different functions, such as opening the eyes’ drainage tubes and destroying tissues that produce the liquid and one that creates holes for drainage.


When all other treatment options have failed to produce positive results, the doctor may recommend surgery to remove the eye-drainage tubes to help your eyes drain fluids effectively. The form of surgery is referred to as trabeculectomy, which involves local or general anesthesia. After the surgery, most people do not have to use eye drops again since the condition should already be gone. The procedure is not painful, and you should not experience pain after surgery. After surgery, you may experience some blurred images for a few weeks. Your eyes might also water and appear red but return to normal.

Use Of Medications

When in the early stages of glaucoma, the doctor can treat you and give you medications that may ensure your condition does not progress. When combined with laser treatment in the early stages, the problem may disappear, leaving you healthy and glaucoma-free.

The eyes are essential body organs that require the utmost care to ensure you enjoy your view daily. However, when you ignore any slight problem, you may lose your eyesight, which can be stressful. It is important to make the eye doctor your friend to ensure you enjoy the beauty of your environment.