Lakehouse For The Healthcare And Science Industry

Databricks, Data- and AI pioneers, and Databricks today launched Databricks’ first Lakehouse platform for healthcare and life organizations.

Databricks Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences removes legacy data structure that hinder innovation in healthcare and drug discovery. They created data silos that made advanced analytics difficult.

Healthcare organisations can use a single platform to achieve precision medicine. It integrates data management, analytics, and advanced AI use cases such as disease prediction, medical imaging classification, and biomarker identification.

Australian tech news reports indicated databricks enabled the creation of a new breed in AI and data innovation within healthcare. Cognoa is an AI-powered paediatric behavioral health company that develops diagnostic and therapeutic products. This allows children and their families to have better lives and get treatment faster and more efficiently.

One blood draw can help scientists detect cancerous DNA in the blood and provide early screening during annual physicals. Precision medicine organizations also use data to develop differentiated genomics-based and patient-specific transplant strategies.

Databricks’ Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences provides tailored data and AI solutions for customers to solve industry problems. Organisations can use analytics accelerators and open-source libraries like the one that addresses genomics to jumpstart their projects and save data scientists or engineers many weeks, if not months. These solutions include:

  1. Disease Risk Prediction: Based on a patient’s past history, ML can predict the likelihood that they will develop a condition.
  2. Digital Pathology Classification: Quickly analyzes thousands of slides using deep learning to detect metastasis.
  3. Real World Evidence Suite lets you seamlessly ingest a variety of data types, map them into analytic data models like OMOP, create cohorts with tools such as propensity match matching, and create cohorts.


John Snow Labs Natural Language Processing – Use NLP to analyze unstructured medical texts and solve problems like oncology research or drug safety monitoring.

Interoperability with Lovelytics: Automatically ingestion and storage streaming FHIR bundles to Lakehouse for downstream patient analysis at large scale.

Feng Liang (Sr. Feng Liang, Sr. IT Director, Thermo Fisher Scientific stated IT that the importance of data when getting our products to people who really need them. This goal is possible thanks to the Databricks Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences.

“We have been able to eliminate data silos, unlock new opportunities for innovation and make our company more data-driven thanks to the modern platform that combines data, AI, and innovation,” said Feng

Biomedical Research with ZS Associates: Improve biomarker detection and precision medicine by using a flexible whole genome processing system that is adaptable and extensible

Healthdirect Australia is an early adopter. Arden St Labs and Healthdirect Australia are also early adopters. Global customers include Regeneron, GE Healthcare and ThermoFisher. Walgreens is also a Partner.