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Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

The American Dietary Guidelines for Americans outline a recommended daily calorie intake and physical activity levels for people with different body types and activity levels. These guidelines help us eat healthy and lose weight. However, there are a few tricks to losing weight without sacrificing health. Here are some tips to get a better balance. During the day, eat less food and move more often to burn off those calories. If you’re feeling tired after a long day, take an afternoon nap instead of eating a greasy snack.

Being overweight is a serious health concern for adult

Approximately 60% of adults in the United States are considered overweight. While the problem is far more widespread in the Western world, it has increased in the East over the past decade. Being overweight or obese can cause serious medical complications, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and reproductive problems. It can also be detrimental to your life expectancy. If you’re underweight, it’s a good idea to exercise regularly.


It’s important to eat foods that have the right amount of calories and nutrients to support your health. Consuming a balanced diet of foods rich in antioxidants, fiber, and essential nutrients is an important part of maintaining a healthy body weight. While you may not be able to lose weight if you’re obese, you can still live a healthier life by making dietary changes. In addition, the right kind of exercise can improve your health and decrease your risk of chronic diseases.

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