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Outdoor Physical Activity For Treating Depression

While some people may disagree, there are some important benefits to getting outside. Spending time in nature and exercising can lift your mood and increase your self-efficacy. In addition to improving your mood, physical activity can help you strengthen social relationships. You may want to start small, achieving smaller goals. Also, if you exercise with others, you can enjoy the company of others. Whether you are depressed or not, there are many ways to improve your mental health.

Exercise improves mental health

The effects of outdoor physical activity on depression have been proven in clinical studies. The results were encouraging, and it seems that even the simplest exercise can improve your mental health. According to the researchers, a study involving 14 patients at a mental health facility found that outdoor exercise improved mood and reduced fatigue. It’s clear that the benefits of exercise can be felt regardless of setting. But what’s more, it’s free of risk factors.


In a recent study, researchers tested the effectiveness of exercise on the symptoms of depression. Those who participated in an outdoor activity experienced a significant increase in perceived activation. Post-session activation was significantly reduced for both groups. Moreover, the exercise improved the depressive mood and decreased fatigue. It’s clear that exercise is beneficial in all settings, so consider it before deciding to stop your couch potato-bingeing.

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