Take Vitamin D If Youre Deficient

If you are deficient in vitamin D, you should start taking supplemental vitamin D to make up for any loss. The average American is not getting enough vitamin D, and the levels have been stable for the last decade. This means that you should start supplementing with a supplement as soon as possible. However, many people are unaware that it is necessary for optimal health. There are several important reasons to supplement with vitamin D.

Make sure you are eating the right amount of vitamin D-fortified foods and beverages

Regardless of age, anyone can benefit from supplementing with vitamin D. For optimal levels, you should get some sunlight during the summer. Even 10 minutes of midday sunlight is enough, but the amount needed will vary by skin color. Darker skin tones will require more exposure. Also, make sure you get a proper amount of vitamin D-fortified food and drink. Moreover, vitamin D is a vital part of the diet, so making sure you eat a variety of foods rich in the vitamin can go a long way.


There are various reasons why people may be vitamin D-deficient. For example, some people may spend less time outdoors because they live in a place without much greenery, or because they work indoors. Others may cover their bodies with clothing to avoid the sun’s damaging rays, including clothing. In such a case, they might be more vulnerable to a deficiency than the average person. Those who regularly use sunscreen should take supplemental vitamin D daily filmik