The Cure For Lust – Salvarsan

The cure for lust is the same for everyone and can be found in many forms, including food, clothing, and even sex. In the Catholic church, lust is an idolatry of sexual pleasure that destroys the human capacity for love, which means giving oneself to others and to God. The Catholic Church defines lust as a desire for the things of the world, especially the things of physical beauty.

Safe and effective medical care

This treatment uses a compound known as arsfenamina, which has the same effect on the body as the hormone testosterone. Although this medicine has side effects, it is still considered a safe and effective treatment. Several studies have shown that it has been effective in reducing unwanted behaviors such as lust, aggression, and depression. Regardless of the results, it’s important to note that it is not suitable for every person.


There are several side effects associated with Salvarsan. It can cause liver and kidney failure in some people. It may also make you feel sick or groggy. In addition to the negative side effects, it is possible to develop sexual dysfunction by taking Salvarsan. The name Salvarsan is an acronym for arsfenamina, which is a synthetic chemical that has been shown to suppress libido. The compound has been clinically proven to be safe.