Things to Consider Before Getting Dermal Fillers

With age come natural but often undesirable changes, including facial wrinkles and less voluminous lips and cheeks. While you cannot evade aging, anti-aging treatments like facial fillers Oakbrook Terrace can help minimize these signs of aging. But before you rush out to reshape your nose, minimize fine lines, add definition to your jawline or plump up your cheeks, there are several things you should know. They include:

What do you want? Botox or fillers?

First, it is vital to establish the difference between dermal fillers and botulinum toxin injections. The latter temporarily stops muscle movement to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while dermal fillers smoothen out skin and fine lines. What you need depends on the area you are targeting. For example, dermal fillers are excellent for pesky static lines, including laugh lines, nasolabial folds, marionette tear trough lines, and the cheeks, neck, and jowl area. If you want to reduce the appearance of dynamic lines like forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, you will more than likely need botulinum toxin injections.

Your provider’s qualifications

Many claim to offer dermal filler treatment services, but it takes real skill and medical background for someone to perform the procedure safely and effectively. You want to avoid spending extra money on a specialist to fix a botched job. For this reason, it is best to do your research before booking with a practitioner. Ensure you work with a board-certified and skilled dermatologist; avoid non-medically trained practitioners who have done a weekend or online course. If someone offers a filler treatment at a ridiculously lower price, that is enough to start the warning bells.

Side effects

Dermal filler treatment causes localized swelling and redness; these are normal side effects that tend to subside over time. There may also be mild bruising around the treated area after dermal fillers. Although rare, some people experience allergic reactions such as itching, bumps, and long-lasting pain and swelling. Blindness can occur if a filler is placed incorrectly, but this is an extreme case. It is crucial to choose a medically qualified and experienced provider.

An initial consultation with your provider before treatment gives you more insight into the possible side effects and how they apply to you. During a consultation, your specialist can help you avoid side effects after treatment. For example, if you suffer from cold sores or fever blisters, your provider may recommend taking antiviral medication before treatment to reduce the risk of a breakout.


It is best to have realistic expectations going into treatment to be satisfied. Dermal fillers only enhance what you already have; they do not transform your appearance. If you had acne before treatment, you will likely still have them. Therefore, you want to discuss your goals with your provider to ensure your expectations are realistic. Your provider can advise you on whether your goals are achievable or not.

If you are considering getting dermal fillers, consult your provider at Wrinkle Fairy to start planning your cosmetic treatment.