Things You Should Not Do Before A Mammogram

Unfortunately, breast cancer has become a common disease among women. The treatment or cure for breast cancer, like chemotherapy, can be painful for some women. In such cases, mammograms can be helpful. Mammograms are known to detect breast cancer by using x-rays.

You should consider contacting Boise mammogram if you want to get started with the process of a mammogram. Before you schedule an appointment for a mammogram, you must know what you should not do when visiting on the day of the appointment. 

  • Period 

It would be advisable not to go before or during your period. Menstrual cycles can affect the results or make one uncomfortable during a mammogram. When a woman is on her period, their breasts may tend to be swollen or tender. Periods can cause extra discomfort than usual. If you are premenopausal, scheduling an appointment a week after your period would be best maru gujarat.  

  • Deodorant

Many women use deodorants or perfumes regularly. In the case of a mammogram, it would be best to refrain from using perfumes, deodorants, lotion, creams, and powders around or under the breasts. Mammogram screenings will show these substances as white spots on the x-ray. You can bring deodorants or perfumes to apply after the exam. If you forget not to use any of the products mentioned above, you should not panic, as the facility will likely have cleaning wipes to help you. 

  • Caffeine

It would help if you did not consume or use caffeine products before your mammogram exam. It would be most helpful if you do not use any caffeine product up to two weeks before the appointment. Caffeine products will not affect the exam results, but they could likely make your breasts tender for women sensitive to

  • Prior mammogram

Some women tend to panic about going to a different facility for mammograms. However, there is no worry or panic before consulting a new mammogram facility. Mammography facilities can get your previous records and films for you, or you could also bring a list of all the facilities you have consulted when visiting a different one indian news

  • Dressing 

You should not wear a dress or a one-piece outfit for a mammogram exam. It would be best to wear two pieces like pants or a skirt with a top as it would allow you to keep your bottoms on during the exam. It would also make you feel more comfortable and less pain during the exam. You can also consult Boise’s mammogram if you need more assistance regarding your exam film indir mobil