What Topics Are Covered in Epidemiology?

Epidemiology is the study of diseases and their distribution in a population. This science uses epidemiological theory to predict the occurrence of epidemics and outbreaks. This field includes the identification of disease reservoirs and the study of the causes of these disease outbreaks. It also contributes to the prevention of infectious diseases and population-based health management. To learn more about the field, read the following articles. Listed below are some of the topics that are covered in epidemiology.

The main purpose is to prevent and control the disease

The study of diseases in populations is known as epidemiology. The field examines the causes and patterns of disease in populations. The field also studies how certain diseases or trends can cause changes in human function. This course focuses on disease prevention and health promotion. It can be a great asset to any career in public health. It’s also a great way to helpĀ  savefromnet you understand the connection between environmental factors and a disease outbreak.


The basic course in epidemiology is called SPH EP 713. It replaces EP711 and EP712. The course introduces the principles of epidemiology and its application to public health. Students develop the fundamental skills needed for evaluating epidemiological literature. They will also be introduced to measures of disease frequency, study designs, bias, and screening for disease. The course includes lectures and active learning exercises. In-class problems and independent learning modules allow students to develop critical thinking skills and reach the learning objectives.