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What You Can Expect Following Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of vision loss. However, you can manage the situation in advance to safeguard your vision. Surgery is one of the most effective ways to treat glaucoma. The ophthalmologist Casper specialists offer minimally invasive surgery tailored to meet every patient’s needs. Although most people fear surgical procedures, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery recovery is straightforward. However, several factors, like your overall well-being and the nature of the procedure you get, can affect the recovery. All in all, here is what the post-recovery period looks like.

Minor Discomfort and Blurred Vision are Common

Glaucoma surgery recovery is not painful, but it is natural to experience minor discomfort like inflammation and irritation. In most cases, your doctor will not prescribe postoperative painkillers, for the discomfort is often manageable. However, talk to your doctor if the discomfort becomes unbearable for help. Also, it is natural for your vision to be blurred after the surgery, and you might experience poor sight for a few days or weeks. However, sudden vision loss is uncommon after glaucoma surgery; you should report it immediately to your doctor. It could be a sign of surgical complication.

No Driving

It is important to plan for your ride home after being discharged from the hospital in advance. You will not be in a position to drive for a while, and you can make proper travel arrangements even for your follow-up appointments. Remember that blurred vision is common for several days or weeks, limiting your vision and increasing the chances of accidents. Focus on your recovery first, and you can be back to driving yourself in no time.

Time Off

You must take some time off your normal routine for glaucoma surgery recovery. You will need much time to rest and relax to promote healing and effective recovery. Getting everything you might require, including groceries and foodstuffs, is also important to ensure you have all you need to remain rested. Also, you can plan to have someone over to assist you for the short days of recovery. Remember that you will be required to avoid any stramineous activities. Also, wait before returning to your job that requires a lot of typing, reading, or writing.

Following Instructions

Postoperative care is crucial for a successful glaucoma surgery recovery. Our doctor will send you home with special instructions you should strictly follow for better outcomes. You might have to wear a bandage to protect the eyes, which you must keep until your doctor suggests otherwise. Also, you might get an eye drops prescription, which you must follow strictly. Additionally, remember to keep up with all recommended follow-up appointments for your doctor to examine your recovery and ensure proper healing and fewer risks of complications.

Special Care

You can expect to adjust your life slightly for your glaucoma surgery recovery. You will need to avoid touching or rubbing your eyes no matter the urge you get to do so. It might seem a natural thing to do, but it can cause severe damage to your eyes. Also, clean your hands often and ensure you use soap and warm water when using eye drops. Also, confirm with your doctor when you should clean your face or get a shower.

Surgery sometimes is the best option to manage glaucoma. Get in touch with the Cory Bergman, MD, specialists to learn more about their minimally invasive techniques. Make a call or get online to request a consultation appointment.

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